Our team

Katy West

Born and bred amidst the architectural charm of Leeds, I've had an illustrious career managing buildings for over 2 decades’ but it's the thrill of hospitality that truly captures my spirit. With a rich background in hotel management, I have an infectious passion for making people's day just a little bit brighter. There's nothing quite like the glow of contentment when you've made someone truly happy!

As the General Manager, I wear many hats - from keeping our resident’s content, leading our dynamic team, to looking after the building, every day brings a new challenge. And that's precisely what I love about my job - every day is unique, filled with new opportunities to grow and learn. It's this constant hustle that keeps me energized and focused, leaving no room for monotony.

But life isn't just all work and no play! You'll often find me exploring the beautiful Leeds countryside during my weekends. I'm not much for hiking, but I love discovering new trails on the AllTrails app and going on peaceful walks. Is there anything better to unwind with than a refreshing mojito... or two?

Grace Scott

Hello, my name is Grace, I am MWME's dedicated Leasing Executive. I am the go-to gal for all things leasing in our brand new building here in the heart of Leeds.

Originally from Surrey, I moved to Leeds a decade ago for university and fell in love with the city’s charm, energy, and endless opportunities—so much so that I decided to make it my permanent home.

In my role, I’m passionate about helping people find their perfect apartment and experiencing the buzz of this fabulous city. Whether it's guiding new tenants through our state-of-the-art facilities or ensuring a seamless leasing process, I thrive on making a positive impact to the MWME community.

When I’m not bragging about our gorgeous apartments, you will find me hiking in the beautiful Lake District, exploring Leeds's best new restaurants, or bottomless brunching with friends. Fitness is another passion of mine; I am always trying to rally people along to Leeds's newest fitness classes. If you ever need a running buddy or a yoga partner, hit me up!

Whether you're a resident or a visitor, I'm always happy to share recommendations and my love for this incredible city.

Andy Thorpe

I'm Andy, the maintenance man. I really enjoy helping tenants and staff with any issues they might have. The best part of my job is the talented staff I work with and knowing that if I ever need help, they're always willing to support me.

Outside of work, my two Pomeranians and restoring motorbikes are my passions. I spend a lot of time in my garage working on and riding my bikes.
A few of my favourite sayings are, "Gis a clue," "If you're going to do a job, do it right the first time," and "Never judge a book by its cover."

Jovan Mihailovic

I'm Jovan, my aim is to make this place feel like home for everyone. Please don’t hesitate to stop me for a chat around the lounge. I was born in Serbia but have spent most of my adult life in Malta, where I also hold Maltese citizenship.
I focus on building connections with our tenants and ensuring their living experience is memorable and enjoyable. My goal is for people to talk about their time here in the best light, and one day, I hope to become a General Manager.

I have a passion for basketball and scuba diving. I played basketball professionally in both Serbia and Malta, and I also worked as a commercial diver on a tuna fish farm.

Couple of phone facts, I've appeared in two movies filmed in Malta, "Malta Force" and "Maltagedon," and even worked as an extra in the movie "Troy.

My favourite sayings "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" - Steve Jobs
Looking forward to getting to know all of you and making your stay at Mercer West Madison East truly special!

Daniel McPherson

Hey, my name is Daniel, and I'm one of the Resident Services Assistants in the new Mercer West Madison East — Leeds’ newest and coolest build-to-rent community!
I've worked with animals quite a bit in the past, so with us being a pet-friendly building, I've had such a great time meeting many of the new furry friends here. I love seeing how happy pets and their owners are in our community.

I moved to Leeds at the end of 2023, but I'm originally from Scotland. My partner is from London, but they've seen more of the Highlands than I have! We plan to take a few trips soon to correct that. In the meantime, I'm eager to get to know Leeds better and discover how we can help our residents enjoy all that this exciting city has to offer.

Raynelis Howell

Growing up in the Caribbean, I've developed an insatiable love for spontaneous travel and adventure. My background in fashion design showcases my creativity, and my passion for culinary arts and foreign films adds depth to my interests.

With several years of experience in the hospitality industry, I have a keen understanding of delivering exceptional service and crafting memorable experiences. Whether I'm designing a unique fashion piece, experimenting with new recipes, or exploring new cultures, I bring enthusiasm, creativity, and a zest for life to everything I do.

Ray Of Sunshine!

Maia Broughton

I grew up in Leeds, so I’m a little biased in how much I love the city! Leeds has always been my home, and I cherish the vibrant culture and the friendly people here.

I’m really enjoying my new role at MWME. The residents are all genuinely so lovely and generous, and they really make the days so pleasant! Plus, having all the dogs and cats around is a bonus. Before joining MWME, I've had various roles that have all centred around helping and connecting with people, which I find incredibly fulfilling.

I have a passion for art and fashion and really enjoy interior design. I've also been a musician since I was young and even completed a music degree in Leeds.

I sometimes have allergic reactions to the sun, which makes my face swell up like a beluga whale. It's an unusual quirk, but it makes for a good story!

I would love to continue connecting tenants to local amenities and help establish a lovely community at MWME. I believe in fostering strong relationships and creating a supportive environment where everyone feels at home.

"Kindness and generosity are the most beautiful attributes a person can have." These words guide me in both my personal and professional life, reminding me to always act with compassion and grace.

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